Top 10 World's Biggest Ship Management Companies

Top 10 World's Biggest Ship Management Companies
Top 10 World's Biggest Ship Management Companies

1.  V. Group

With 940 ships in 30 countries, the V. Group, which is the British company, ranks first.

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2. Anglo-Eastern

They continue to grow with Peter Cremers, the company's head in 2015. They manage 831 ships in 12 countries.

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3. Schulte Group

Henrich Schulte leads the family company as the fourth generation of the company and manages the German company. The company has 650 ships operated with 90 different companies.

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4. Fleet Management

At the beginning of the company is Kishore Rajvanshy, who has 24 years of experience and one from the sea. While Kishore was in charge of the company, the company reached 463 ships and scaled Asia as the center. After a successful 10 years in Cyprus, the company was opened to Europe and has representation in the Netherlands.

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5. OSM Group

Geir Sekkesaeterhalen was appointed as the head of the company in 2013 and today there are 430 ships in the company.

The company is more interested in ships that are used in more sophisticated Off-shore works; Platform support ships, DP ships, shuttle tankers, Tugboat support vessels and Azipod propeller tankers.

This Norwegian company has launched this year's online supply platform.


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6. Thome Group

Olav Magnus Nortun, headed by the company in 2015, is still managing the company and today the company has 12,000 employees and 400 ships.

Thome Group celebrated its 55th anniversary this year and won the Technology and System Innovation award in the international arena.


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7. Wilhelmsen

The company is headed by Carl Schou and today the company is focusing on LPG. Wilhelmsen originally left the Thome Group and has 396 vessels.

At the beginning of this year, the Wilhelmsen group also started sea wind turbines. The company is involved in the technical maintenance agreement with NorSea Group to thrive in this field.

The company has joint ventures with many companies, and one of them is the Unmanned ship project with Kongsberg.

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8. Columbia Shipmanagement

The mergers of companies appear in maritime as in other fields. In 2017, Columbia Shipmanagement was born with the merger of Marlow Group and Columbia Group.

Mark OeNeil is head of the company. He was a soldier of origin and later served as a ship captain for 5 years and then studied law. The company has 395 ships worldwide.

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9. Wallem

Wallem emerges as a new formation. At the beginning of the company is David Price, who is of marine origin and has been the Captain. The company has 237 ships worldwide.

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10. Synergy

The founder and director of the company is Captain Rajesh Unni. Captain Rajesh also paid attention to women's employment.

The company has 11 offices in the world's 6 most important maritime centers. There are more than 150 LPG, VLCC, Suezmax, Aframax, LR2, LPR1 and MR vessels as well as Container ships and Bulk cargo vessels.

According to Captain Rajesh, the number of employees in the company should be evenly distributed and reaching a ratio of 50% is his greatest goal. The company has 183 ships worldwide.

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